This winter business is getting to me…

I am longing for the Spring and Summer like no other… save heaven. It is these long winter months of gray days and biting winds that are almost enough to drain the life out of me. It certainly drains the color- the lack of sunshine leeching summer tans and natural highlights from us non-fakebaked midwestern folks.

I was watching this video when I realized that I’ve almost forgotten what real green outside looks like. All these browns are getting to me… I long to pull out my sundresses and summer clothes; 10 more days until Texas! =)
Lake MacBride in August '08Peggy, me, & liz at camp, summer '08waiting on spring


6 thoughts on “This winter business is getting to me…

  1. Your writing is so nice that I can`t help going through all your stuff.I will do it and leave a comment for you.Besides, the picture of yours looking through the window brought something to my mind:something strange really.Your picture resembled the lady of my imagination who waits for each spring to grace her with her lover`s arrival ,for he made a promise that he would come back next spring before leaving her, to execute his duty in the 2nd world war.But ,leaving her with all her expectation, he never comes back.She ,however, waits for each spring for him to come ,resembling the rain in spring.Anyway, can you suggest how I should let this story move ahead. One more thing: will you let me borrow your pic for the front page of my novel if I ever plan writhing a fiction on love that waits forever.

    Waiting for your reply


  2. Thank you for your kind words =) Stories are beautiful things. Perhaps the woman in your story writes her love a letter every so often and keeps them for him since she does not know where he is. Maybe she teaches, or gardens, or cares for orphans while she is waiting until she finds out that he is in a hospital somewhere. If that were to happen, she might travel a long distance to see him and care for him. There are many options, just as each of our lives is defined by choices.

    If you ever get the book written, let me know, and I would be happy to share the picture (just put my name in the credits somewhere =D ). I would also love to read it!

  3. Yes, she does.She writes to him regularly,despite knowing the truth that the letters have not reached him but piled up as a treasure of her life,one after another.I should let you know.She has just finished a letter to him.In the very letter she wrote:


    Its been long ago since you left ,when the call of the duty….

  4. One more request, can I borrow your good name for the fictional beauty of my story.

    I hope you wont think otherwise.


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