Today is a Beautiful Day…

Far away far away, I want to go far away.
To a new life on a new shore line.
Where the water is blue and the people are new.
To another island, in another life.

~Ingrid Michaelson, Far Away.

I love this song =) It will be spring officially in 2 weeks! I need Spring break… 

In other news, I feel better about life. I’ve been stressing out about my future hardcore lately. The good news is, I have friends who will listen and then promptly call me out on it. The future is not my business- I’m only responsible for the day. I’m beginning to see the beauty of not always planning… not that I’m going to ditch what I need to plan for, but it’s not going to be the same. I don’t want to know the details, I want to be surprised and delighted. haha I can be uptight and I don’t want to live like that, trapped in confines of my complex designs (maybe some poetry out of this?).

What I have decided, is that I am trying to live too fast. Although I am a firm believer in carpe diem, I don’t want to burn myself out. I’m in it for the long haul (*wink to those of you who get this terrible joke. I’m lame sometimes…). So I wait until next week and see if I get the CA job- that will determine a lot, and that isn’t even until next week, so I have time to just relax! That is when I will start figuring out classes- if I become a CA, that in itself is a great reason to not take too many classes, and, economically, I’ll feel better about staying an extra semester if that’s what it takes. 

Next issue- classes. Summer courses, scheduling, working, living, blah blahblah… enough of that frenzied cycle. God knows exactly where I will be this summer. What an awesome being He is, completely surprising me like this =) I really feel led to get my ESL endorsement because I have enjoyed tutoring internationals, and it makes space for God and missions opportunities. No idea about missions, but supernaturally, I have peace about that. God always gets me where I need to be in order to help Him the most. That’s the same attitude I have for this summer. Wherever I am, I am sure that He will provide me with opportunities to give freely what He has given me. 

Now that all that is resolved, I need to focus on my schoolwork, and just be engaged wherever I am. Speaking of which, I have one more mid-term at 2:10, so I need to be responsible and study.

Peace and joy!



7 thoughts on “Today is a Beautiful Day…

  1. Hi,

    I like the way you write.Its living and breathing life.
    I am amazed how you got this mastery and think I wish I could write like you. Anyway, I am working on the story of waiting in spring.It will (I hope) be nice story to read .Besides, how about working together on it. I mean , if I am ever to write the story, I want you to co- author it . Will you accept this?

    waiting for your reply


  2. Thank you- I grew up with parents who always read to me and encouraged reading. I think that has a lot to do with developing writing skills. It also takes practice.

    I can make no promises about co-authoring, but I would be delighted to help you in between my crazy busy schedule. I am at university, so I have a lot to do, but I would love to help when I can. Just let me know =)

  3. My perents are not that educated but have insight and intution. They did not read me any story but made me be face to face with the reality that is more or less a story to many.We had poverty to read, wear,and feel. Thats all

  4. And it sounds like you have many wonderful stories to tell that I couldn’t dream of- that is the beauty of each voice; they say what no other person could say. I hope you share your stories!

  5. Yes, I do have. I have many stories to tell ,and I will be happy to get you as my reader and guide.Besides , I do not know from where I should start.


  6. The Human that introduced me With the Human Trade.

    I am of 28 from Nepal,a south Asian country,situated between India and China.Let me tell you more about me,Iwas born and brought up in an unfriquented village called “Dharampur“and in the name of property, my father had a dusty hovel that would leak in the rainy season.I even remember the nights when I ,together with my younger brother, would shift our bed hither and thither just to escape the rain till we were completely wet. But even in such state of poverty ,we did not take it otherwise ,rather we enjoyed every bit of it . I am happy to say-It taught me alot.


    Long ago , when I was the student of class five,there came a visitor in my village from England .He was in suit with a white cap or hat on his head. He talked strange language (I mean, it was English and as I did not know much, it seemed strange to me);he talked terribly fast.There was only one person in the entire village who could answer and underdstand him . He was an engineer ,and the very gentleman requested the foreigner to stay in his house ,as there was none who could help him out.
    He stayed there for three or four days and during that period of time we became friends as I would visit the enginner`s house for the free tuition he offered.On his (foreigner) departure , he gave me a book full of pictures.It was the very book that introduced me with the human trade.
    In the book , there I saw horrifying picture of a white man standing near a sheshore and beside him there were some black people ; all were chained, interconnected with rope ;with their body bleeding as hell;with heavy logs on their shoulders.But indifferent to all this, the white with a cane in his hand was (perhaps whipping them for no reason and no faults of their own) with terribe grimace gesturing towards the ship.
    later, as I became more educated, the picture told me everything about the trade; I did not have to refer to many books . The picture expressed the meaning of a thousand words.I ,however ,studied a bit of what the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was .Anyway,I believe you too know about it.


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