The Definition of Miscellaneous thoughts…

is the contents of my head. Here’s just a few things I’ve found interesting lately.

The introduction to law & order saying that the following events are purely fiction and not based on any real people or events… isn’t that just sort of tempting some psycho to do exactly what the show depicts to prove that statement wrong for their own sick enjoyment? The day that happens, they’ll take violence off of television and then everyone will understand how politically correct makes everything bland. I still protest the removal of looney toons. 

STAIRS- every college dorm has them, and most of us have lived on upper levels at some point in our experience. With all the walking and stair-climbing, it’s no wonder college kids still have an o.k. metabolism… except for menu choices, but that is another rant altogether. I was thinking about the advantages of having stairs in a normal house or maybe for an apartment when I’m older. I thought about what families would do, and realized that stairs would be an amazing workout for young families- just think of the muscles they’d get hauling strollers and carseats and children up and down those stairs!

COUNTRY MUSIC annoys me most of the time except for when I’m driving. I went home this weekend and spent most of my drive listening to country music before finding National Public Radio. For some reason, maybe the lack of population along the way, it’s about the only good station I can get in the really boring stretch before civilization. The weird thing is, I like it. I found out that unemployment is still on the rise, Obama has said that it will get worse before it gets better, his speaker for finances is “hopeful” (although I’m sure that had to be in the job requirements, along with “Likes lots of change”), and medical, technological, and educational vocations are rising in demand. Rising. I am ever increasingly happy to be an English teacher someday.

Poll question for you… 


I also realized that I am a little anxious not knowing what my summer is because I’m scared of not fitting in. Silly, huh? I’ve made plenty of friends in college, and I’m sure I’ll meet many more, yet it still can be challenging to overcome that fear. Camp is the one place I’ve always fit in, always been a complete part of. Maybe it’s just because those friends have been more constant and caring and Christ-like than anyone I’ve ever known, but I know that familiarity/comfort zone thing is also  a large part of it. It’s so silly. Of COURSE I’ll make friends wherever I am- it’s as elementary as crayons. It’s all a matter of just sorting these things out. 

So, along with some clothes that I love, I found the book I bought with birthday money awhile ago (it was buried on the chair in my room). It’s called Walking With God by John Eldredge. He is the author of Wild at Heart,  a great book for guys about what God has created them to be, and he co-authored its female counterpart, Captivating, with his wife, Stasi. The connection group Jess and I lead is going through both of those books this semester and it has been awesome so far! I really like the style of writing and the sincerity and love of the content. This book spoke to me when I saw it and read a little bit… so I shall keep you updated on how that goes. There’s even a website for it. If anyone has any good book titles, let me know.

One insane week left before TEXAS TRIP! =)


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