Things you should know about me…

Here’s what I think- you should spend time getting to know me…and you can’t do that without talking to me or noticing what I enjoy. 

The Short list:

  1. I love people and helping people… it ‘s my favorite apart from smiling =D
  2. I love surprising others and I love it when they surprise me. I don’t do it for reciprocation, but who doesn’t love knowing someone else is thinking about them?!
  3. Even though I am practical, I love ridiculous expressions of affection! Elaborate plots to woo me are always acceptable when done in good taste (obviously) and when they are from the appropriate people (doubly obvious). 
  4. God comes first, friends and family second, school third. 
  5. I struggle with just saying what I want. I feel like I don’t have the right to impose my will on other people, and I don’t want to be manipulative. I figure if it’s not really harmful but a matter of preference, or if you really care enough, you’ll notice or ask. Otherwise, I’ll just cope pretty much indefinitely. 

And I like the occasional rainy day, but sunshine is better.


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