Five and a half weeks until freedom…

and as antsy as I am to get things done, attempt to figure out what I’m doing this summer, and somehow get a job/direction, I’m also really excited. Working at camp has been my life the past three summers, and as much as it is my favorite place in the world, I like variety and think it will be a good thing to step back and try something different. 

I am still undecided as to what that something different will be exactly, although I know it will involve a job, a couple classes at least, and lots of friends and fun! Really, I need to just sit down, look at classes, and somehow make this work… pros and cons in the meantime.


Stay in Ames and probably sublease my friend’s place, classes at the CC… Summer Salt and whoever is around, work at the mall. 

Live at home (FREE), take K-wood classes, find some job… no idea what… enjoy all my friends home from college and hang out with my family. 

Either way, my bf is most likely heading home unless some research job appears. I’ve resigned myself to not seeing him for a couple of months if that is what happens, but I think I would be way too jealous of his sibling bonding time not to go home myself if that were the case lol. And anyway, I’d much rather not see him much over the summer and have him at the same school than vice versa- I’m pretty spoiled having him in walking distance… and I will most likely be living in the same building with him next year =)

I want to hang out with my sibs, and it’d be nice to have a summer just to watch my youngest brother grow and get to know him some more. I was a freshmen in college when he started 2nd grade. With my crazy schedule, I feel like I’m missing a lot of him growing up, not to mention that we are almost 11 years apart. And yes, I have two other sibs whom I love dearly, but I grew up with them, and now that they’re both in high school, they’re a lot more fun to hang out with =) It would be amazing to have time to think and relax.

If I can work it out, I want to go home. 


Songs I currently love:

Brighter than Sunshine- Aqualung

Gracie- Ben Folds

You’ll Always Be My Best Friend- Relient K

All the Small Things- All-American Rejects (lol blast from high school)

Far Away- Ingrid Michaelson


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