Skymail: one of many daily correspondence with God

Hey- how are You?

It was so wonderful having You help out during Spring Break. There were a couple close calls, but You tend to keep an eye on those things and do just enough so we notice what is going on. I love it =)

I have to say, I enjoyed spending time with You. I’m sorry that I was a little antsy and unfocused- I’ve been stressing out about things that You said You had covered, and You’ve always shown up (even if it wasn’t on my schedule, You have impressive timing). I’m going to be honest, and I want You to know that I say this with all respect: sometimes I feel like You aren’t really paying attention to me. You’re there and I know that and I know that You care, but sometimes I forget that. I’m troubled STILL over things that are out of my control, and I realize that this often results in me not being able to just sit still and listen. I am sincerely sorry- thank You so much for the opportunity to work on this! You give me a lot of grace and even more that I don’t deserve. Lord, help me to rest in Your arms. You know I need You and I am so lucky that You delight in me, even in my silliness. 

Please remind me when I try to evaluate You with my ideas of what should be happening, instead of appreciating what IS happening. You are so dedicated, loving, and sweet. Thank You for the little things You throw in my path, and the big reminders of who You are.  

All my love forever,



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