Smile because you can

Today was a beautiful day. I woke up late, it was cold and overcast, I was almost late to my class (for which I am a little behind in work), I was tired, frustrated at my lack of productivity due to waking up late, and more clouds started rolling in. Went to a lab, a lecture, then tutoring… where my tutee was having a rough day as well. Correcting misplaced adjectivals can be a trial. Then I went to my test and got a 76%. This mercifully brought up my falling test scores in that class, but was at the same time sad that I got that few. It was snowing while I waited for the bus, defiant to the blasts of wintery air and wet freezing rain flakes in my hoodie (as opposed to my winter coat, which I refuse to wear). 

Then I went home, couldn’t find anyone to eat dinner with, I took a 20 minute nap instead. That’s right, I would rather take a nap than eat by myself, especially since my roomie and her bf had just gone down to eat and I didn’t want to be awkward.  I ate PB&J by myself in my room after my nap, reading the first chapter of a book I just ordered for connection group.  

Sleep and PB&J were enough for me, and group was great. We went to panchero’s first for chips and queso, and then to coldstone to celebrate Jess’s birthday, which was yesterday. I was inspired to be spontaneous and share my sugared bliss, so I called Eric and asked what his favorite kind was, resolved to get him a love-it…because who wouldn’t love randomly receiving coldstone icecream?!?! I love sharing and I like Eric (I even scribbled up a card for fun) =D

So, to sum up, reading Walking with God last night and spending time with God today, getting my first tutoring paycheck, bringing up my music grade, having a good hair day, eating panda for lunch with chopsticks, finding a good radio station this morning, seeing the daisy on my desk from saturday, spending time with my connection group, celebrating jess’s birthday, panchero’s queso & chips, coldstone cookie batter icecream with cookie dough, laughing with friends from my future dorm next year, and being able to lavish my affection, appreciation, and some icecream on someone I really care about made today great. 

See all that good stuff? “Isn’t it nice to know, that the lining, is silver? Isn’t is nice to know that we’re golden?” Just playing hide and seek with those storm clouds.

In addition, we did a poetry slam thing to participate in a peer teaching activity and it required writing; the girl I was partnered with was shocked at how I was able to just sit down and write, and even work with her to make her feel comfortable expressing herself. I guess I take it for granted and sometimes forget that it’s a gift (although there really are a lot of people who possess a lot more talent than I have). 

Anyway, it’s 11:30. Time for bed!

Try choosing to be happy sometime. It’s nice =)


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