Take a second look…

It has been a rather long day, so I thought I’d kick back, watch family matters on nick at nite, and have some PB & J. My anticipation grew as I made my fold over half sandwich, and I brought to my mouth to take a bite- 

and then stopped.

My beloved whole wheat was moldy.  I still seriously thought about eating it, but decided it wasn’t worth it, despite the taste of strawberry jam teasing my tongue. 

And that’s when it struck me that it was a lot like my plans. I desire, prepare, create, and can come so close to what I think will be enjoyment… and if I’m not careful, I could get a mouthful of something unpleasant. If I would have just looked at the bread, at the basis of my plan, I could’ve avoided the disappointment of almost having something, and instead enjoyed something else.

I don’t want to eat moldy PB & J, therefore I am poking around the fridge to see what else is around this summer. 

In other news, I am really thankful for the awesome people in my life. I am daily reminded of how much I have been given =)


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