Romans 12

As a future teacher, I am becoming more familiar with teaching techniques and tactics; I understand that there are three major types of learning (visual, audio, kinisthetic), and that most of us a are a combination of those. I know that it is important to have the child’s confidence level in mind, and that by positively reinforcing what students have learned, they will thrive; confident students are generally successful students. I am familiar with conflict resolution, and the variety of ways that children interact with and react to the world in which they live. However, I also know that some kids can just be stubborn, and they can require a lot of time and patience in order to get through to them. 

You know what else? I’m fairly sure that to some extent we are all still stubborn children. 

Today I was perusing over some writings from winter break, and I realized that Romans 12 has been that lesson God has been working into my heart this school year. For my leader connection group, we each selected a chapter of Romans to memorize. I selected chapter twelve, and as I began going through the verses and meditating on them on a regular basis, more and more life situations came along that applied perfectly to different parts of the chapter. I was shocked, but thrilled as God began moving through chapter twelve, helping me to understand more about myself, but more importantly, more about His heart for me.

Not living for myself, being willing to be transformed by God’s power to see the world as He does in order to determine His will, killing pride where it roots itself in thoughts, knowing that God has a unique place for me in the body of Christ, loving others sincerely and respectfully; the list goes on, but it is an abundance of grace. It is undeserved favor to gain understanding, and there is still so much to know, but I am joyful that He is faithful to continue working on me. 

Despite the fact that I missed monday morning prayer,  my first class, and was late to a meeting due to an alarm clock fiasco… I find it easier than ever to simply laugh at how silly some of my days can be in light of how blessed I am. Some days are more difficult than others, but I am learning that it is okay to have a day that isn’t all smiles and sunshine- so long as I am grounded in the faith that God is sovereign, and take joy in looking forward to being with Him forever.

5 more weeks of school, and then I look forward to seeing my family and friends!


One thought on “Romans 12

  1. Very nice. As a Christian myself, I find scripture very useful in my day to day life as well as my writing.

    I invite you to peruse my site and add an opinion. You can base it on my style or content but an opinion from a fellow Christian would be welcome.

    Have a nice day.

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