An indulgence in procrastination…

but only this, and I must complete it in 15 minutes so… ready, set, go!

(These were questions a friend formulated)

1) Do you have any reason/s to be happy? List ’em, if you do.

  • I have a hope and a future in Christ!
  • I woke up breathing
  • I’m getting a great education
  • God uses imperfect people for His perfect Will
  • I have family/friends who love me
  • I have way more stuff than I deserve.
  • I am healthy. 

2) What is the thought that most often keeps you awake at night?
When am I going to get all of this done? Lord, please reveal Your Will to me instead of me being characteristically impatient and headstrong. 
3) What do you deserve?
absolutely nothing! see how amazingly blessed I am?!
4) Are you secure in your sexuality (not your orientation, just how comfortable are you with sex in general)? Prove it.  

um… I have a boyfriend? I enjoy sharing beds with my friends who are girls… lol

5) Do you regularly do something illegal? How do you justify it?
Speed 5 over. I really can’t, but I attempt to use the speed of traffic rule, even when it doesn’t apply.
6) Do you believe in Luck? Fate? Superstition? Why?

There is no luck, there is no fate, and no superstition; only providence, God’s Will, and continual prayer. 

7) Do you cry? What makes you?

Yes. Lots of things that I blame on estrogen; chick flicks, the thought of small orphaned children, people in my life who don’t know real love, feeling alone/unloved, stress, talking about things close to my soul, being fully surrendered in God’s presence… 

8) What determines attractiveness (in both sexes)?
guys: a heart for God, initiative/confidence to lead, thoughtfulness/active or selfless pursuit of those they love, creativity, athleticism, general curious nature are all very attractive.

girls: Confidence in their identity in Christ, thoughtfulness, future mom skills, surrendering of natural tendencies to control/manipulate, and lets face it; their adorability. 
9) Would you ever get married? Under what circumstances? At what age?

Yes! If an amazing and crazy God-centered man chose to pursue me and God okayed the timing; I would say between 22 and 27, but I’m going to let God determine that.

10) Are you normal? Tell how you are/aren’t.

I’m unique, just like everyone else. Very pragmatic in general, yet idealistic at times. 


11) What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Brown hair, brown eyes, skin, a face… lol I see a body that God has temporarily given me and that I am a steward of. 

12) When you are involved with someone, do you ever think about having sex with others?


13) What are your honest expectations for your future?

– teach, be a mom, serve God. 

14) What happens to people when they die?

They either spend eternity with God or separated from Him. The choice is theirs.

15) What are the things you fear most? Why?
Rejection, loneliness, not fitting in, making wrong decisions the unknown. Because I was created to love and be loved and experience community while trusting God for all my needs; these feelings stem from sin, and I am working on identifying and refuting them with truth.
16) What is love? 
Selflessness in its purest form and a genuine desire for the well being of others above your own well being.
17) Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. What’s your deadly sin?

All of them at one point or another.

18) Would you kill someone, under certain circumstances? What circumstances?
Self-defense, defense of innocence if I didn’t have a choice. 
19) What is hate?
a failure to see someone as an eternal creature created by God; looking at a situation from human perspective. It’s bitterness that hasn’t been released. 
20) When was the last time you really connected with a person you didn’t/hardly knew? Describe it.

A person on my floor and I just got to talking about life and goals, and where we wanted to be… it was a good talk.

21) When should you think about yourself first? When you are about to criticize others. 

22) Do you believe in individuality? Yes. Think snowflakes- if God can do that with simple ice crystals, think of what He does with people. 

23) Would you put your child up for adoption? Would you adopt a child?

If it was in the best interest of the child, I would, but it would be a rare circumstance for me. I would love to adopt a little girl from China someday.

24) What is the cutest thing in the whole Wide world?

My baby brother Isaac =)

25) When is it okay to lie? When was the last time you did it anyway? How many times did you do it while answering these questions? 

It’s never okay; I can’t remember the last time but I know I have. Not in these questions though.


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