Some sweet nothings, I suppose.

You sit there, inspiration flowing through your hands

Picking a melody I’ve never heard before

Resounding from chords to my core

Leaving me waiting for something more…

We are waiting for the right chords to form a verse

And the rest of the world to disperse

Til we are more together apart

From the world, the walls, the wanting. 

Come away with me 

She whispers so softly

A wish, a wander, a wonder. 

I want you to know the world as it can be-

Bright life and love so vibrantly.

I want you to know and come alive

To take the plunge, to leap, to dive!

Across the vast sea and over the earth

To experience joy without a dearth!

Part fantasy is… reality-

we live in a dreamlike world!

Come away with me!

Live passionately!

And love 


Draw from the endless bounds of a thoughtful Father. 

Taste and see!


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