Summer 2009

So here it is: the epic list of summer goals to achieve. Perhaps they will be a little more attainable since I will have a semblance of a life… lol like I even know what it’s like to take it easy! So here we go; bear in mind that some of these are silly, some are not, but the idea here is to try and actually remember what I want to do before it’s 3 days before school and I have no summer left.

  • Find a large pair of sunglasses for driving and fun purposes so I got a head start yesterday, pics to come
  • Spend a weekend at Aunt Jana’s
  • Practice more guitar
  • practice drawing/pastels etc…. 
  • find an art project for the broken earbuds I’ve been saving.
  • Learn variations of keishes 
  • practice super shopping skills
  • KEEP TIGHT ACCOUNT OF INCOME/SPENDING- I make half-hearted attempts, but the time has come to grow up and actually do it.
  • plow through my summer reading list (I’ll probably give short summaries from time to time)
  • work out/run 2+ times/week
  • memorize at least one Bible passage/week
  • Have a tea party, or just have tea in the evening while enjoying a book
  • spend time dedicated to prayer, especially summer teams
  • create handmade crafty looking books- two titles in the works: Things Girls Like and a Choose Your Own Adventure Girlfriend edition… speaking of that, maybe I should make a Choose Your Own Adventure ISU edition. That would be slightly humorous considering their ad campaign. 
  • Send letters/packages to all my camp counseling friends (and pray for them)
  • Spend time with Joyce
  • Spend time with Lauren
  • Spend time with my CG girls- Jess, Jaime, Bettina, Rene!
  • Find more everyday dresses inexpensively
  • Faithfully tithe from this strange phenomenon called a regular income that I will have this summer!
  • Get a new cell phone. This isn’t vanity, this is being tired of having “the black spot of death” in my screen so that I have to forward them (w/out actually sending of course) so it’s far enough down the screen that I can read it, cancel that message, go to inbox, reply. lol I seem like the slowest texter ever and it’s only because I’ve fallen down stairs with my phone and it was once run over by a car. 
  • Practice new knitting stitches
  • TAKE THE PRAXIS (<—- this one I actually really have to do so I can be a teacher…)
  • Take my sibs on individual outings… I almost said dates but that sounds weird to have dates with male and female sibs…
  • Somehow prove that IA sweetcorn is better than Nebraska’s… Eric seems to think his state is superior ;-p
  • work on guitar….


Yup, I will have fun this summer. So many things to do! I love it!

I am packing tomorrow, moving some things to my summer place, taking the rest home and staying there a couple weeks before my job starts in Ames.

Much love,



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