Promise me…

Promise me we won’t live too ordinarily.

Let it be known it’s not what you own

It’s how you live.

Promise each day to go out of your way

to surprise me.

But, promise more as you leave the door

to surprise yourself- no dusty shelf left for dead. 

When you open your eyes in the morn do you, see what you like

or discover more?

What I’m trying to say is- don’t go away until you tell me this:

Are you excited for living life or as bored as a glassed-in fish? 

Promise me you’ll live joyfully- it’s not a constant smile

But it is the lovely warm in a wet wintry rainstorm. 

It’s the glee that fills me when I see new green life

It’s the laughing in the storm that eases the strife.

It’s the sun roof open and my fingers reaching for the sun

It’s the race to the corner or a long run won.

It’s blowing bubbles or dancing alone for fun. 

It’s the smile when I promise I’ll always stay young.


And one of these days I’m going to tell you so, or you’re going to get it… and then I’ll know or then I’ll go.


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