An attempt for the silver lining…

I looked at my grades yesterday. This violates my no grades until at least 3 weeks after semester rule. Why would I not be pulling at the bit, obsessively checking accessplus like all my peers who are concerned about their academic careers?

Because I know myself. I freak out about grades until enough time has passed that I won’t have post-semester guilt about how I could have done better. 

Still though, the fact remains, I looked at my grades yesterday. I freaked out. Currently planning my regimen of doom for the fall to counteract such terrible things such as a B average. 

On the upside, I cleaned more of my room today. I cleaned until I came across my charcoals. Then I drew. I miss real drawing. This was the result:

quick charcoal sketch Obviously I was focusing more on shading than accuracy. For shame. It’s just a quick sketch, but I realized that sometimes I ignore the basics and I realize that it’s necessary to be vigilant to details throughout the entire process in order to get a good end result. 

This was a sort of metaphor to my academic life: If I want great grades, I need to focus on them all of semester so the end won’t be a scrambled picture, or reflection, of what I can do. And that is my silver lining. Live and learn!


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