She Waits

She waits at the top of the stair- just there-

You can make her out by her dark flowing hair.

Her eyes are fixed on the line of the sky

Barely noticing the noise or the common passerby.


Each day, she comes and stands- just there-

Though I know she has traveled most everywhere.

She chooses to wait for her knight to return

For that champion on his steed is for whom her heart yearns.


She waits and she wonders and wishes some more

She dreams of her prince and the long-forgotten lore

Of a man- not a boy, a strong courageous defender

A person of real substance- not a pretender.


If you’ve seen her in the streets, the markets, or at the fair

She has a heart of pure gold, and she delights to share.

Her clothes wouldn’t tell you she’s royalty though-

It’s her life and her words that make you just know.


She’s a princess through and through

Even without flaxen hair or shocking eyes of blue.

She waits not in fear or in sad desperation

But with joy, gentleness, and calm expectation.


She does not need to worry, she doesn’t need to sigh

For her Father will provide someday soon, by and by.

She’ll be loved and cherished like the rare gem she is

When the time is right (and that timing is His).


Her knight will appear with a quest from the start

Not to vanquish a dragon, but to capture her heart.

He will not rest, even when her heart is found-

For true love is a flame that increases and abounds.


She will know that he cares in word, action, and deed-

His love and faithfulness more surely than his steed.

But until that day comes, until her prince arrives-

That princess does not frown, but instead; she thrives =)


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