Life is good (eternal life is better)

I work on the corn crew now at my job. This means no more air-conditioned lab, and I am behind in whatever gossip is going around (don’t really miss that though). This means I face “If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?” rather than “So what about that guy??? *nudge nudge*.” This means I work in the rain as necessary, and get wet off the dew on the corn in the morning. This means I have tired feet from heavy work boots caked with a couple of pounds of dirt. I get to play with a knife now. I help corn reproduce in a controlled way which my co-workers philosophize about with musings like “I wonder if the corn knows we’re helping it do something dirty…” It’s fair to say they are interesting people at the least.

It’s really up for debate whether or not I like it or don’t like it yet. It’s been less than a week. It’s a lot of hard work but I enjoy the sunshine and the activity, the time to think and the group of personalities present on my crew. There’s one other girl, two supervisors, and maybe 5 or six guys? lol you can tell I notice.

This week winds and thunderstorms came through and tore up a huge amount of corn- it was all laying in one direction. Long, leafy dominoes in a muddy field. Most people, maybe even some farmers would just call it lost and give up. We went and picked it up, stomped the ground around it to keep it upright, even hoed up some dirt around it to build up its formation.

It rained again and we literally watched the wind rip through the field in the opposite direction, destroying a lot of our work. Today when we came in and continued the recovery attempt, we noticed something strange; fields that had been flattened yesterday had already begun to grow toward the sun. They were bent when we stood them up, but all the same, they wanted sunlight so much that they strained toward it, even with damaged roots, even when they were down in the mud.

Sometimes I feel like one of those corn plants- I may be down on the ground, in the mud, but I am ever drawn by the Son. It is what picks me up when I feel like a lost cause and assures me that it is not the end.


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