I don’t have the address… yet =p

Dear Future Husband,
I realize that you are hypothetical at the moment, but I like to think positively, so I am going to write with the understanding that you do exist somewhere out there, regardless of whether or not we know it yet =)
I’m going to get straight to the point: I love you.
haha no that’s not all. I pray for you, you know. I hope you know that I think you are great and I am looking forward to the day that God makes your identity evident. I realize that relationships are not on a first come, first serve basis by any means, but I will admit that I can be impatient for you to come steal my heart =)
In the meantime, I’m working on being the best possible person I could be for you; the kind of woman God has created me to be. I want to be a mom and an English teacher, but I also deeply desire to be your helper. I want to bring you good, shower you with affection, challenge and encourage you spiritually, love you selflessly… and I want all of these things to be mutual. I want to submit to you and have our marriage exemplify the beautiful relationship between Christ and the church, which means first of all, I assume you share my passion for a personal relationship with God (or you definitely will before we start dating), and you will want to pursue me. That will be amazing- working together to show others’ God’s love, and growing closer together as we grow closer to Him.

To me, these things all seem like they would naturally be a great foundation, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t see it that way. It makes me sad, yet absolutely determined to wait for you. This definitely isn’t all of what I’m looking for, but it is what I start with.

Hope you’re growing up great, and having fun =)



2 thoughts on “I don’t have the address… yet =p

  1. Very sweet rachel!! This brought back memories of a LONNNNG TIME ago (back in the scary days of junior high!) when I wrote one of these. Obviously, it was a lot more superficial, but I was also 13. Maybe I should write one of these. . . . hmmmm.

    I love you Rachel!

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