I like…

driving down the road with my music turned up, four windows down, sticking my hand out the sunroof to feel the warm summer air. I like my summer self: long hair messy and wavy, sun-kissed (not covered in a sticky orange beverage, but the real, no fake bake, tan). I’m smiling because it’s summer and I have friends and work isn’t schoolwork.

I like driving like this night or day, the streetlights glowing, or the sun almost slowing the passing of time.

I like finding cool new radio stations on roadtrips that I don’t have at home, but listen to online

I like almost but not actually getting hit by a deer (I definitely floored it and avoided it hitting my door lol)

I like so much drive time that you can’t help but have genuine conversations about stuff that matters.

I like sharing a tent and snuggling with two amazing girls and still liking them when the 16 hours in the car was over.

I like sitting around with a friend, sharing music we love on youtube or myspace.

I like bergies’ vanilla bean ice cream with girls who are worthwhile friends.

I love that God has plans for me and that He loves to surprise me with unfathomable blessings.

I could really go on for quite sometime, but these are really just some things I liked about the past few days. It doesn’t even cover all of it =)


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