Add it up, add some grace, and BAM! Person.

“We are the sum of our experiences” is often quoted in various forms about why people are the way they are, and, in a sense, I think it’s right, yet I can hardly fathom how our lives were orchestrated to make us into exactly the people we are. Every choice, every meeting, every situation, somehow forming our character, personality, and habits.

It really makes me step back and think about the little habits, small occurrences, and areas in my life that could use some polishing up. What would it look like if we lived life attentive to the details? Perhaps not details, but what would a life of love really look like? Ephesians 5 offers a great starting point, even answering the “how” aspect of my question, but it’s one thing to read, and another to live. I begin to think and greatly appreciate the New Testament for giving specific details to believers growing in faith.

Today I was thinking about how God put me where He did, how the people I have met have impacted me and I, them. How my prayers can have an impact is beyond me, yet God listens to us. He is present! There are so many people who just want to live a “good life” and they boast in doing so in their own power, having good morals and living well… but I don’t see how that works. I feel like it would be using a flyswatter to flip pancakes; clumsy, not very practical, and definitely not the purpose it was created for. In fact, using it for its intended purpose would actually be less burdensome.

Everyone wants purpose, wants to love and be loved, craves justice, and hates failure… these are common human desires. It’s like C.S. Lewis’ argument- if I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy, then I must conclude that what will satisfy me is outside of this world.

It’s there- I can’t help but tell people so.

I know I’m far from perfect, yet He still loves me and gives me opportunity to succeed in Him. That is what I want to do because it pleases Him, and reveals truth to mankind; I can’t imagine any greater purpose, or any greater grace.


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