Some scattered thoughts…

I think I’ll use lists to try and organize this mental mess.

5 Things I need to do soon:
1) actually add that last class
2)do my homework
3) email my aunt
5) stop procrastinating. seriously.

5 people I hung out with over Thanksgiving break:
1) Peggy
2) Kallie
3) Sarah
4) michael my bro
5) the rest of my fam =)

5 things I’m looking forward to:
1) East Asia over Christmas break!
2) Chaperoning the twin cities trip this weekend for a yg from home
3) The Snow Ball!
4) Being done with finals
5) travel time to maintain sanity (i.e. time driving home, 13 hours on a plane to read and relax, etc.)

5 reasons my parents are awesome:
1) They’re letting me go overseas for my break
2) They introduced me to Jesus
3) They support me unconditionally and whole-heartedly
4) They taught me flexibility and a good sense of humor
5) They gave me siblings to keep me entertained lol

3 books I read over break:
1) Extras by Scot Westerfield (4th in the Uglies quad)
2) Life of Pi
3) The Kite Runner

5 Recent realizations about myself:
1) I’m not sure I want to be a camp counselor again. I never thought I’d consider not wanting to, but honestly I don’t know if I have the energy anymore… or if I just feel like that part of my life has passed.
2) I am great at taking initiative, not always so great at going along with something if I feel it could be done better/more efficiently
3) PMS and major holidays with family do not mix well.
4) I am learning how to derive confidence from God by just trusting Him… and not me.
5) Just because I can do something and be good at it does not necessarily mean it is the thing I’m supposed to do.

3 unknowns I’m trying not to worry about:
1)what to do with my summer
2)how classes are going to work out the next couple of years
3) where/with whom will I be living next school year

5 Christ-like traits I’m working on:
1) Self-control
2) humility
3) love
4) gentleness
5) patience (as always lol)

1 person who makes me smile all the time:
Tony 🙂


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