I don’t know.

God- I don’t understand, but I trust it’s Your plan, won’t You please take my hand and lead me
I am restless and proud the more things I’m allowed, I am blind won’t You cause me to see?
I know that Your love is enough for my past and I’m living each days as though it is the last
But I wrestle with things that consume.

Why are we human? Why do we struggle? Why do I hurt You so?
I don’t know.

I know that I need You for each breath I take, but I hate, I abhor, that I still make mistakes
I am broken. I am broken.

20 years. 11 months. 7 days.

A wise man once told me that accepting Christ is not the end. It’s when all the conflict begins.

Where on earth am I going? Seriously, I know where afterwards, but not here.

A lot of things happened this weekend… I’m still processing.


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