I Send My Heart to Him

Dear God,

Thank you for loving me without any “take-backs” or torn feelings. Thank You for staying with me when I’m stubborn, hurtful, selfish, and unwilling to see my faults. Thank you for breaking my heart so I can be closer to You.

Lord, I do not understand Your plans. They are far beyond me, but I am listening. I hear the things You place on my heart, and I love without reserve. Right now, my heart hurts. I know You know. I know You are right here with me. I pray that this pile of awful things that have been dumped into my week like a backed up sewer would not smell and pervade my life with bitterness, but rather, that You would transform it into something beautiful. May it be like fertilizer- enriching the seeds for beautiful things that are only possible by Your power.

Thank You for having a sense of humor, and for filling me with joy at the simple things in life. Things like clean laundry, indoor plumbing, all the glories of the universe You created. Things like friends, apple juice, Jeff’s Pizza, and having space to myself so I speak to You out loud whenever I like.  Thank You for the peace that only You can give me. Please continue to make me into the kind of person You want me to be, and bring me safely home to You.




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