Proud New Owner…

Of a grape iridescent taffeta bridesmaid dress. Yup, I’m really cool. This is for wedding #2 I’m in the weekend of June 5th.
From what I have heard of bridesmaid dresses, this is pretty cool. Next on my list is a brown dress for the May 29th wedding. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be ridiculously fun. I love weddings!

In the news of other cool things, I’m going back to camp counseling this summer! Woohoo! This means you all should write me copious amounts of snail mail and I will mail you back. I have a shoebox of stationary for precisely this purpose 😀 I also have to sing or tell a joke if I get a package…

And in other other fun/cool things, I turned 21 saturday. It consisted of getting a bag full of books I love from my high school English teacher, bridal gown/bridesmaid dress shopping for above dress for 5 hours, going back to Ames (I went home briefly), receiving a gorgeous homemade bouquet of stained glass flowers from a friend, playing basketball, receiving a new purse earrings & socks from another friend, and having a beach themed party where we cranked up the heat, played limbo, and ended with Settlers of Catan. If you do not know this amazing board game, you should. Some of my friends got together and got it for me… I feel loved! We also made bracelets. I am a wild, wild college student :p

Jenny my co-leader is one of the most amazing women I know. She is sweet, humble, gentle, and loves just like He does. I am so blessed to have her in my life. God in His mercy has chosen to take me apart, break the bits that don’t work, and put me back together again, piece by piece. I am being made into completely His own design. Love it! It hurts sometimes, but it’s so worth it. Church this morning was great also. So much truth…

May God speak to you clearly above the noise of this world, grant you His overwhelming peace, and guide you in truth and holiness as you allow Him to work on your heart and love other people like He loves us.


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