Dear Friends

I pray for you each day because God has put you on my heart. I can’t help but care and love you deeply. My prayer is that you would grow in faith and wisdom, not fighting God’s Will, but finding the sweet freedom that is offered in accepting that Christ died for our broken relationship with God due to our many imperfections. He offers truth whether or not you choose to accept it, but I really hope and pray you do.

Life is difficult, and I know it. However, God is not trying to make you miserable. I think people would consider Him differently if they understood that He desires only what’s best for us and that He has a better perspective on life. After all, He did create us. I could try and win you over with sound logic, and it could make all the sense in the world, but unless you recognize a need for God in your heart, it won’t change anything. I wish I could make you want God in your life, but what kind of love would that be? God gives each of us the choice so that it shows how real His love is. He doesn’t need us to love Him, and even though He could force us to do so, He doesn’t.

To those of you who already agree with me, take heart. This battle might not be over yet, but the war is already won. Don’t give up now. Think about the decisions you are making and where they are taking you in life. Is it where you want to be? Is it where God wants you to be? Is there anything going on in your life you’d be embarrassed or ashamed about if it was exposed? Let’s live transparently, recognizing our struggles and finding forgiveness from God and other brothers and sisters. Let’s not ignore the unpleasant things for the sake of keeping a shiny appearance. Let’s encourage and pray for each other and make sure we don’t think any less of people who are struggling. What if we responded in brokenness for others, rather than anger, selfishness, indifference, or pride? Let’s take those who are struggling and hurting and rejected under our wings and show them God’s love through us. Let’s be men and women of our word, taking commitments and promises seriously and prioritizing our relationship with God first in our lives, yet honoring Him in all the ways we spend our time.

I’m definitely far from perfect in these areas, but I’m trying to live my life for God because He is the only thing that matters. Even if you don’t agree with me about God, just know I’m always there for you and I love you. I feel blessed to have you a part of my life =)



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