List Post!

Here we go, folks! Fantastic 5’s today!

5 reasons I know I wake up early on practicum days:
1. When I get up it’s as dark as when I went to bed.
2. The color of my underwear is just as much a mystery to me as it is to everyone else!
3. Breakfast means wishing for coffee and having to hold out til noon.
4. I debate the pros and cons of blow-drying my hair vs. 10 more minutes of sleep
5. I see the sunrise (and 5:30 is twice a day)

5 Reasons I should not be taken seriously this week:
1. PSBSD- Post Spring Break Stress Disorder
2. Sleep deprivation
3. Exhaustion to the point of hilarity
4. that one thing
5. Allergy season has begun (hence the drowsy loopiness)

5 Reasons I think you should come to my connection group
1. We’re super cool.
2. We’re on an adventure series right now. The past 3 weeks have consisted of coloring, baking cookies, sitting outside on blankets, walking around campus, all while digging into God’s word, looking at where we’re at spiritually and where God wants us to be, praying for others, encouraging each other and many others, and learning about how to be a friend with other’s best interests in mind and God’s truth on our hearts/lips.
3. It’s an awesome study break
4. We miss you/would love to get to know you
5. Because God desires a close and beautiful relationship with you and wants to be a priority in your life.

5 Reasons school will be best dead week:
2. ” ”
3. No club meetings
4. My friends won’t be super busy/leaving yet
5. I will pretty much be done… yay!

5 Reasons I can’t wait to be a teacher!!
1. Get to PRACTICE what I TEACH (no more of this “do as I say not as I do” business like I get with my profs.)
2. I will get to be my goofy self and inspire kids to love learning
3. I’ll be poor! lol I’ve said for awhile now that I’d be poor, very much in love, and full of life.
4. Finally getting to do what I’ve been looking forward to!
5. The privilege of the opportunity to positively impact those around me and equip the next generation with communication, independent thinking, and problem-solving skills necessary to not only be successful, but thrive in life (all while giving God credit for it)!!!


One thought on “List Post!

  1. You wish for coffee in the mornings? You must be tired! Haha.

    Very entertaining post, although it does make me feel sorry for your hectic schedule … I look forward to dead week too!

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