Dear End of the School Year…

You are most definitely the worst. EVER!

There’s probably some really good angsty poetry to be had from this, but I write enough for my classes so I will desist, and instead share how I plan to UTTERLY DESTROY YOU!

That’s right, end of the school year, I have had enough! YOU STRESS ME OUT! So are you ready to hear this? HERE IS THE PLAN!
I will define and defy you!
What stands between me and May 7th:
10-page linguistics paper
something page poetry paper
5+ page paper & creative project (a final!)
Teacher portfolio (another final!)
Authors quiz
A chapbook of poetry (and another final!)
An actual final essay test in multicultural lit.
And probably a final in linguistics.

Lord, help me.

I love waking up and having a nice chat with God. Looking forward to weddings and camp and such!

Also, totally won FREE TACOS yesterday for scribbling a picture for the Daily. yup, life is good.


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