Just had to let you know…

that God is doing great things in my life!

I’ve been really soaking in the Proverbs lately. Doing the whole chapter a day deal again, only going back every few days and writing down the ones that really strike me and just meditating on them some more. I finally found the motivation to start on my spiritual summer reading list and I started with The Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity. Bold title, huh?

I have not read this once. I have read it multiple times in and since High school. It is that good. Lately I’ve been feeling like I wanted a new approach to the topic of purity. It turns out that Solomon was right, nothing is new under the sun, and my thoughts have been written down before. A lot in this book (which is based off of biblical references). Basically, we often think of purity as a natural state that we can ruin when actually we weren’t born pure. Yes physically, we are born virgins, but purity is a combination of the two. It is a heart attitude that exhibits itself in choices we make about how we use our bodies and what we attach our hearts to.

I think it should be more carefully considered.

As someone who admittedly struggles a lot with purity, I realized that our actions and words are a result of where our hearts are at. If we are struggling, something between us and God may be known academically, but not known in regards of whether or not we live accordingly. I pretty much re-read the book in an evening, and it was like a tetanus booster.

Unrelated to reading the book, a recent situation made me aware once again of how brilliantly God planned… everything! His own chosen people, Israel, who were set apart and meant to be an example, continue to struggle and fail, but God never fails them. He always offers forgiveness, redemption, and all-consuming love and power. My conclusion is that I am just like Israel. I am a rebellious little girl who comes back to God again and again in ruin, begging for Him to save me… and He does. Always. Without remembering my faults. I delight in the grace I am shown on a daily basis! I know I physically/spiritually/mentally/socially would not be able to go on without Him. Without hope.

I have fallen. I am not pure on my own. But I am not ruined. I am renewed! I am alive through Christ and the joy of knowing that any grace in my life is a GIFT given to a nobody so she might be blameless and pure when she meets her Father someday. Purity is a heart attitude that flows from a cleansed heart through Christ. What an amazing gift we are given 🙂


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