Let’s play 20 questions I have about life to see if I can clear my head a little bit. Ready? Let’s go!

1) Am I allowed to miss people? I believe that God is sovereign and I know I can’t hold on too tightly, but I feel guilty feeling things sometimes. I feel like I have to put aside most emotions to go on, yet God finds me and I feel all over again.
2)How is there so much grace?
3)How do we realize this grace in our relationship with God without equating our obedience to deserving blessings? You know we all do it.
4) Is the fact that I want to cry when I think of how I am in relation to God a sign of actually understanding a little of what God has done for me through Christ and the Spirit or is it a broken spot looking for healing?
5) Why do I want what is bad for me sometimes?
6)Why don’t I always believe (or act like I believe) that God has THE absolute best in mind for me?
7)Does God choose or do we choose?
8)What am I still doing up?
9)What can you really do when someone annoys you? Just apply more love? Talk to them about it?
10) How on earth can I live life well?
11) How did I come to know God?
12) How come I used past tense? Is there a more appropriate way of relating that God began and is continuing a good work in me despite myself?
13) What will happen to all the little seeds I have helped plant?
14) How can I better serve others?
15) How do I know if it’s the right choice?
16) Why is it easier to be someone for everyone else but difficult to be me sometimes?
17) Why do we struggle with wanting human approval if we claim to live according to the truth that God alone can judge? Why did I let him make me feel worthless? Why did I allow myself to be judged by someone who doesn’t cherish God above all? How am I any different because I don’t always cherish God either? How can I forgive myself for treating them that way?
18) Why is it so hard to tell them that I was hurt because I felt judged and I don’t feel like I can trust them with the realities of my imperfections?
19) Why can’t I sleep at night very well lately? Why do I keep having these vivid dreams? Are they related to anything other than my reflecting thoughts?
20)How can I feel so different each day? Where are emotions supposed to tie into us? Do they simply deepen realizations of truth?

Enough for now. Good night.


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