All Right, Folks…

Today is the fourth of July. I would almost say it is a very memorable fourth, but then I remember going to Minnesota with Peggy last year, and I realize that boating, Ikea, and 2 nights of fireworks is hard to beat.

I helped Gabe bake bread this morning. He happens to be excellent at it, and was supposed to be teaching someone else, but it worked out that I helped mix and mostly watched. I went to church at Victor Baptist, and had a lovely time seeing people I knew and hearing about the paralytic from Luke 5. There was a potluck afterwards and it was delicious! Also, the drive out to Victor and back was so peaceful. Windows down, some Iron & Wine and other music playing, and lots of wind through my hair.

We did the copious amounts of dishes while the bread baked. It came out beautifully, all fresh and slightly sweet (because there’s a little sugar in this recipe :D). I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I want to make a lot of my own bread when living on my own, not only for it’s deliciousness, but also as a way to avoid the preservatives so prevalent in the food industry today. Plus, seriously, if you’ve never had fresh bread, you are missing out!!!


As part of the staff retreat, we watched this movie called “Collision” (see website) and saw “A Conversation with Tim Keller: Belief in the Age of Skepticism.” I would highly recommend both of them. The first is a series of debates between a pastor and an atheist over the question “Is Christianity Good for the World?” They co-authored a book about it and toured doing lectures and debates. Sidenote: The sound track for this film is entertaining. What I find interesting is that the neo-atheist movement asserts that Christianity is bad for the world. I would love to hear thoughts if anyone else saw this movie.

The second clip we saw was on the veritas forum. I would HIGHLY recommend watching this. I’m embedding it so you don’t even have the excuse of being too lazy to change pages:

If that doesn’t work, go here.

Basically, I was struck by a couple of different things. The first was this guy’s sincerity and humility. It was beautiful, and he was quite sincere and logical. Secondly, his definition of living life “liberally” hit me hard. I realized that’s exactly how I lived a lot of my life until recently. How I felt about myself was a result of my performance and my moral character, rather than the realization of my own moral failure and salvation by grace. I was not much different than anyone else because I judged people by what they did or did not do, and by feeling superior due to my actions, and sometimes due to my poor perception of faith.

Honestly, it took a lot of failure for me to recognize this in my life. I don’t want to live another day without recognizing God and why He matters, and how I am utterly helpless and hopeless without Him. I am learning so much this summer and enjoying the time I have to spend with God, and my relationships at camp 🙂 I would love to hear how/what God is doing in Your life.


2 thoughts on “All Right, Folks…

  1. I am glad that our trip together was memorable. You should be sad to know that my Aunt and Uncle went to Florida for the 4th so I stayed home a worked on a paper all day. It’s a good thing I saw fireworks twice last year because I didn’t see any this year. Miss you lots!


    • awww too bad! lol I was at camp on the 4th and didn’t see any fireworks either. Can’t wait to see you again!

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