Some mildly poetic thoughts…


I once knew you
I once knew you
back before the colors grew
the forest surrounding the clearing of you

Too fast too close won’t last
You trashed
And spoke too soon
Flyaway red balloon

All the shades and stark dark
Charcoal smudges pencil mark
Can’t hide from me the canvas
Plain canvas
Cream and thin
Torn and mended
Bent and bended
morals. Ideals. dreams.

You smile as your eyes scream.

I once knew you
I once knew you.
But underneath thick pigment
I know you aren’t a figment.

(Still needs a title)

I’m not very good at finding a way
To avoid all that’s cheesy and cliche,
But when our eyes meet again
Two pairs of bright kindred friends
It doesn’t even matter that much
When everything is glorious
taking walks, doing laundry, and such.

I feel like life gives you fuzzy snapshots to imitate
But until you get there it seems like a problem to create
Beauty out of imperfection like diamonds from dust
Or a sunrise from the darkness or restoration from rust.
But you, my love, were made from Saturdays
Easy going grins, coffee cakes with glaze

Love takes some time to collect
Like drops of rain turn to flow
Or the sun multiplies freckles
And yeast grows dough.

It is pristinely ordinary in that extra way
The depth of the ocean in blue jean cotton fade
I love you like breakfast brightens my smile
I’ll love you every morning, not just for awhile.

Some things change- you and I will too
But we’ll grow and talk and pull through.
If I wanted things easy, I’d live life in a fog.
I’d live for myself, and I might just buy a dog.

But I wear you like a grin
From my heart dawning outward nose to chin
You are my summertime, young and new evermore
Familiar as my fingertips, yet changing as the shore.


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