Prayer Request and Praise

This has been on my heart lately. I am praying essentially for a best friend. I want a dependable accountability partner, someone to relate to, encourage, and be encouraged by. There is a spot in my suite at freddy. I am praying that person to maybe be the one for me to spend time with and pull together for knowing God better and sharing His love with others. I feel like having an accountability partner is a biblical concept, so I am trusting that God is sovereign and will provide.

Today I realized that I’m smiling again… and I mean it 🙂 Praise God who heals and restores, praise Him who grants grace and the joy of salvation through peace from God’s righteous wrath in Christ’s sacrifice.

Still smiling 🙂


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request and Praise

  1. Hi, Rachel:

    I could possibly be that person for you!! and I have my reasons. You probably did not remember me very well, but at least you have seen me. My name is haiquan sun. never heard? ok, Remember there was a winter we went to play the basketball tournament ? I saw you went there cheer for us every single game. I was the guard who played well and make couple key shots, and somehow luckily we made in the final 4. Remembered, uh! This makes us friends. We happened to have 25 friends in common, and some of them are very good friend of mine, like tony, and so on, so this makes us more friends. Long time ago, I added you and I saw your photos and you happened to be a friend of Kimberly Meister who you went to China with for summer school? or exchange ? And Kimberly Meister is my best friend Andrew Sorensen’s girl friend now. This makes us even more friends! A little bit about Andrew guy: Andrew means a lot to me, he invited me for staying at this home for Christmas every winter. So lucky that God let me know Andrew, he smoothed my life in America. It is him who took me to church service first time and let me experience God. Moreover, you went to china, which means you like it there, or at least there is something you like it in there. Maybe going to China is a God’s will, maybe? I am from china and went to Iowa State, maybe this is God’s will, too. This makes us a lot more friends, don’t you agree? Most Importantly, I am interested in knowing you long ago. I never get to talk to you or take class together, or I never dare to ask you out coz you were with someone. And today, I saw your blog, and you are praying for a dependable accountability partner, what do you think this will make us into?

    I look forward hearing from you, and I like your writing very much, it is all A+ in my standard.

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