I thought I saw You
And in that brief moment I felt encapsulated in stillness
A firefly in a Bell canning jar Bewildered
In the silent vacuum where the world was muted crystalline.

It was more entrancement
Than fixing my eyes on my true love’s flawless face
More electric than dancing as a precious jewel set in the crowning crowd
Warmer than the fireplace on Christmas Eve
Sweeter than cotton candy at the county fair in cinnamon summers
Lighter than waking to cerulean skied sunshine on Saturdays
Cleaner than fresh sheets on the line in the breeze
Sharper than inspiration and frost on snowy mornings
More wholesome than cracked loaves of homemade bread
Cooler than the swift flow of linen late at night
Brighter than fireworks on the fourth of July
More poignant than joyful things that make me cry
As precious as a child, yet formless as a sigh.


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