I feel beautiful again, but this time it’s different.

I am not loved because I’m perfect, but perfectly loved because of unfathomable grace 🙂

I think I’m beginning to understand exactly who I was born as, and who Christ has created me to be. It’ll take all of this lifetime to continue on this journey, but I’m not scared or lost anymore. Even knowing as little as I can understand about God, He is more than enough. I have a ridiculous amount of peace, and I am praying for the grace to walk closer with God each day.

Ezekiel 16 is one passage that shredded my heart this summer. I think it says it all.

Just notice that God brings hard things to make us grow and remind us that He is the Lord. Since He desires the best for His creation, He would not be perfect if He did not give us Himself, for He is the greatest good. The language in Ezekiel 16 is harsh and graphic, but I think sometimes we try to tame Christianity and make God into a weak, fluffy, almost Disney-type figure, and ourselves into decent beings, when He is a perfectly righteous (and as such, according to our actions, wrathful) judge, ultimate warrior, and most high King- who is terrifying, but gives us the opportunity to know Him.


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