Lately, I’ve been dragging spiritually. It was a combination of… well, almost everything. I found myself on the phone with one of my greatest encouragements, nearly sobbing for the weight of everything I feel that has gone wrong. I kept trying to strike a match, and kindle the flame of my soul, but it wasn’t happening. I got a smoky weak flame, kindling damp with tears, and my fingers almost frozen. But God broke through as always, through my dear friend with whom I shared my burdens and they theirs, and we prayed over the phone.

I’ve been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan- I’m sure I’ll write more of a post about it, or maybe chapter by chapter posts, but it helped me find what my heart issue was this time. I was heart broken that God would create creatures who He knew would be wretched and hurt Him continually, and still desire a relationship with us. I was worrying about the dichotomy of a God who told us that He loves abundantly and gives good gifts to those who seek Him, when I knew that I deserved nothing and could do nothing of my own merit to please Him. But what I realized this morning awoke me from my troubled sleep; we were created to be invincible! It is the same message throughout the New Testament that God gives us power, even if the world doesn’t understand or looks down on us for it. I was suddenly reminded of a series of verses that came tumbling into my head one after the other, but what I settled on reading this morning was Romans 8.

It was like a breath of fresh air. I could try and point out what I thought was amazing, but I wouldn’t want to take away from your own experience of reading it with new eyes.

We are invincible! Merry almost Christmas 🙂


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