This is a timed post…

This is a timed post in which I see how succinctly I can outline my thoughts.

This was inspired by high school AP essay practice questions we did in class. We would flip over the papers with a rush of thin wings, the hush of muted minds pouring over the questions like water and rushing to a conclusion. An outline. An essay born fresh.

I used to be able to write so quickly, I used to be able to assess and find the out, and even to do so with style. I used to be unworried by life and I was confident in my own abilities. Now I am not. I struggle for the will to complete homework that I know won’t matter, and yet will matter because it is the mechanics of my day, the clockwork chimes and levers moving steadily, yet punctuated by short troubles here and there.

And that is just it. As humans, we struggle and search for perfection when we are incapable of it. We want to be as smooth as clockwork, but do not understand how our souls work. We criticize every system, bureaucracy, or organization we know, yet rarely could do much better.

So these simple thoughts I offer in the span of 5 minutes. Take some time to think today. Consider what matters and why your life is not as perfect as you’d want.


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