I Sit On Bathroom Countertops…

Dear Internets (and possibly the occasional reader),

I have to tell you some of the really cool and really scary things God is doing in, through, and around me these days. First up, secret serious sin. Out of love and respect for the parties involved, I’m not going to be overly specific, so please bear with me. I have a friend group at college based around the residence hall I lived in last year (although I’ve known them since freshman year). They are my people, and I still am around some of them this year. That being said, it is so sweet to see that as how painful and volatile  habitual sin is coming to light and being exposed, it is an opportunity for God’s people to gather and pray, and to still love that person who is clearly struggling. What stinks is that some were hurt in this process, but what is amazing is God’s ability to turn crappy situations into something for His glory, even if it’s a painful growth process. Some of my group of friends and I got together and just prayed in reaction to what had happened. It was bittersweet but so powerful.

I want that to be my life after college. I want a group of close friends who worship together, and also respond to life’s trials with prayer and integrity. I was once again SO grateful for those God has placed in my life who show His love to everyone even when it gets personal and uncomfortable.

Story two is simply a really good talk I had with a friend this evening while sitting on bathroom countertops. Oddly enough, I’ve had quite a few of those, though mostly at camp. Anyway, I LOVE opportunities to love and to just connect and communicate with others. It was really honest. For me, I was able to objectively look at some things and say “yes, this is exactly my problem” and for other things, to better understand a lovely friend’s perspective that is regularly vastly different from my own. Man, I used to be offended a little bit at even that comment. Now I get what she means and I agree 🙂 We’re still different, but we came to the conclusion that we know each other well enough to know one another’s character which overcomes the communication issues that arise. 2 hours very well spent!

Oh, and let’s briefly mention the purity talk this evening at Salt. Troy really made a great message, even reading all of us a letter to his daughter Morgan for the first time (she was there too) concerning some of what he covered. He told us that if our parents had never told us these things, to take his words as their own. I about cried. Moral failure is moral failure, and I am guilty. What blows my mind is grace, and how I will never understand fully either how wretched I am, or how great God’s grace is.

I was also resolved by the end of it to have many great conversations about purity with my own kids in the future. My parents didn’t really do that. It was this awkward assumed thing that I wish both parties had made more of an effort to de-awkwardize and communicate in a non-preachy, non-sex ed. class kind of way. It was understood, but not stressed. Trust me, this former Christian schoolgirl/ Bible camper/counselor has heard a plethora of purity talks in her lifetime, but none of them were quite like what I heard tonight (or last night? it’s 2 a.m.). I would check it out on itunes as soon as it is uploaded. It was awesome because it focused on the heart issue at hand, and the future ramifications relative to now. Not just a distant proposed possible problem.

Okay, so that wasn’t briefly. Sorry.

But hey, tune in next week to hear about how my venture to the meeting with the inter-faith council concerning the university’s anti-discrimination policy goes. As treasurer, I’m representing Salt Company Student Fellowship along with Jordan A. Basically, we’re there to say we care, and that we are simply a student organization of people who are excited about Salt Company and like to help host them on campus. 😀

Happy Friday, Everyone!



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