“I need some tea.” Weekend-steeped thoughts on a Monday

This morning was Monday morning prayer. As usual, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. but could not drag myself from my bed until 5 minutes before the bus came (6:30). This was a problem because I couldn’t find my shoes or figure out the light switches. They happen to be ridiculously wired in my apartment to make this phenomenon of missing which switch to turn on possible. Regardless, I was going to miss the bus so I said out loud “God please help me! Help me find my shoes! Make the bus late!”

And He did. On both counts 🙂

This was appropriate because we talked about the Lord’s prayer this morning. All I could think of was the Jon Foreman song based off of this passage (see youtube video here), but we didn’t sing that. What we did do was spend the time in 2 parts: 1)Simply praising God for who He is and 2)Praying for His kingdom to come and for us to be reliant on Him for everything.

It was amazing. I am trying to let that peace carry into the rest of my day, despite the fact it is very miserably cold and expecting snow again today. It RAINED all day yesterday. Anyway, I want to honor God with my life, and that means trusting Him for everything.

Also, probably not coincidentally, we’re going through a book in my IFC leader group-

All right, honesty time. I’m in my 200 level lit. survey course, the last one I’m ever going to take and I’m not paying attention. I ought to be, so I’ll finish this after class.

SCENE CHANGE: I am now at Cafe Milo after dropping a roommate off at class and figuring out what I’m doing with the rest of my free time off (study like it’s my job, maybe grocery shopping, and go to family group later). I have an almond tea which smells amazing but is too hot to drink. I am even sitting with a classmate who is working on the same thing I will be working on in a little bit.

So we’re reading this book in leader group called “Becoming a Woman of Prayer.” It’s a navpress product (Navigators’ press), and I have to say that I misjudged this book by its cover. I hate cheesy emotionally charged books aimed at female Christians. I expected a sticky sweet abundance of sympathetic words, and was instead hit with the Bible. Hard. As much as I generally dislike topical Bible studies due to my expository, Bible-teaching upbringing in a non-denominational church, you can’t argue with the Word (if you are in fact a Christian). There are helpful quotes from believers spanning a number of centuries, and it is such peace to know that my faith is not a new and volatile thing, but something tried and true. Amazing and radical yes, but I am not alone in my walk.

The first 4 chapters or so have covered why God invites us to pray, what we doubt when we pray sometimes, and how to delight in the Lord. Combined with what I heard this morning, I am so encouraged to dive in to reading my Bible and praying. I want more!

I read Genesis 1 again last night, only this time in my Holman Christian study Bible. I have to say that it is AMAZING! Never have I felt so educated and encouraged by what God is saying because I can better understand where it’s coming from, how it tied into the culture in which it was originally presented, and how I can relate to it now. At least go look at one in a book store. It’s just that cool.

Anyway, I do need to actually study, so I’m going to go but I hope you take heart in today, and take awhile to stop, soak up God’s Word, and spend some peaceful time in silence, just listening to Him and letting your spirit be warmed in this chilly weather by all God has done and is continuing to do in you. And a nice hot cup of tea wouldn’t be a bad idea either 🙂




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