Encouragement Weekly

Wouldn’t it be fun to keep better track of all the encouraging things in a magazine or reader’s digest format? I’d love to carry it around in my backpack or purse and whip out in order to better remember all the encouragement I receive from various sources in the span of a week. However, I do have this blog so here goes an encouragement that started on Tuesday and was added to today.

On Tuesday, my first connection group co-leader (Jess) and I ate lunch with Joyce D. from Cornerstone. Joyce is an amazing lady whose overflowing love for God and students never ceases to amaze me. She is one of those well-springs of life that is clearly driven by a deep relationship with Christ. Jess and I used to be in a leader group that sometimes met at her house, and she really took us under her wing at that time. It was wonderful to hear how God continues to work in her life and in Jess’s.

What I love about Joyce is her sincerity and directness. I am a rather frank person myself, but it’s completely different when frankness and love are hand in hand. My heart could use some more work, but I’m so glad to know people I can follow as they follow Christ. Joyce and her husband are also big proponents of the connection group/community member match-up that happened this year. I got to listen to her describe how much she longed for every student to have the opportunity to have a place at a community member’s house, and it has been so evident in the number of students she and her husband have over and sometimes living with them in their home. When a general message was sent out to community members  about hosting connection groups and only a couple of families responded, Joyce carefully considered and approached people with her vision of greater fellowship between students and families. It began with freshmen group being matched up with community members who came in and spoke with them and got everyone signed up on the spot, and has spread to all connection groups being matched within the church body. God has worked through her to accomplish so many things!

She would never brag about herself, but I’m going to have to brag for her in the Lord a little bit and tell you that she has a hand in so many different ministries at cornerstone. Joyce was in charge of the construction workers hospitality during the addition, frequently serves on the welcoming team at church, and I found out today that she and her husband also serve with the upwards basketball program. I’m literally just beaming thinking about how much love radiates from her, through hospitality, thoughtful questions, and those amazing hugs I get every time I see her.

So glad I could share this encouragement! I pray that God would bring similar encouragement into your life as you seek to know Him better and make Him known to all nations.


2 thoughts on “Encouragement Weekly

  1. I LOVE Joyce, she is definitely one of my heroes of the faith. I am so encouraged to hear of others that are encouraged by her, so thanks for sharing this. I miss her lots.


    • I know! I didn’t know you know Joyce, but I’m not surprised. That lady has a way of finding a lot of people to encourage on a regular basis 🙂

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