The 5 minute post

Self-explanatory, here we go:

Went to the retreat this weekend and had my mind blown by Mr. Paul Sabino. He spoke about God as a personal God (Moses whom He spoke with as with a man), what happens when we have the wrong attitude toward God (Jonah), how clearly God is our Shepherd (Psalm 23), and a general kick in the pants to guys to step up and steer the ship. Ok, so no steering or ships were mentioned but that makes more sense to me.

I was struck by:

1)How often I subconsciously expect my requests to God to be unimportant or maybe inappropriate if not answered in a semi-timely fashion.

2) How I could probably stand to be a little bolder in bringing God up in everyday conversation

3)How easily I freak out and know it’s because I’m not taking time to listen to God’s voice, yet still proceed my own stubborn way.

4)How much time I waste out of sheer tiredness (partially hence why I’m doing this in five minutes so I can get back to homework)

and 5) How much I am looking forward to being a wife and mom one day, and praying that God would equip me for both if that is His Will.

And that’s 5! Goodbye everyone!!!


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