was an AMAZING day!

I woke up on time and even SHOWERED! First time that’s happened on a Monday morning for awhile. Wanna know my secret for being able to get up and shower at 5:40 a.m.?

Don’t shower on Sunday. Then you know you have to. 🙂

But I still was almost late for the bus, and was prepared to walk to the MU, but the bus was a full 3 minutes late because of training another new driver. God is so good to me, even in the little things.

But I also woke up to a text from a friend from last year who told me I was one of the last people they remembered actually caring for them. It about broke my heart, because 1) at the time they were referring to, I was feeling so weak and inadequate, but God still used that situation, totally by His grace and 2)that time was about a year ago.

Imagine a year where you could count on one hand the people who have genuinely cared about you. Crazy to think about, but I know it happens.

What also got to me was that I don’t think I would have talked to or befriended this person at all had I not been where I was. It’s scary to think about but I know it’s true. So it was on my heart to share with them, and it was a blessing I woke up alert because I had all my shower time to pray about it. And I felt strongly moved to respond right away. I just kept praying that God would provide the words. So I sent them a message and responded to their despair with the only hope I’ve ever known to be true.

And you know what? They responded and avoided the topic entirely, but I’m not discouraged by that. It was a great exercise in obedience, and that’s something I could always use improvement on.

Next was Monday morning prayer. After 4.5 hours of sleep, one shower, one email, and one nearly-missed bus, I was surprisingly ready.

We talked about praying the way Jesus instructs us to pray in Matthew, and then we did it. I met an amazing girl whom I had heard good things about before, but never had the opportunity to have a conversation. All the girls in my little circle shared some sweet things, but she spoke her heart and said “I feel like I really needed to say that.”

You know, I actually do pay attention when people say that, but it doesn’t always stick. But her passion for the Lord was so evident, so radiant, that I couldn’t help but be encouraged. She prayed that we would hate sin with a righteous passion for giving honor to God’s name, and to actively defeat the lies that we live with on a daily basis. It was refreshing.

Not a half hour later, I was having my own conversation with someone else, addressing a sin issue in my life and being bold enough to tell them I loved them and wouldn’t want my sin to compromise them because I did care so much. It would have been so effortless to just let it slide, but I felt moved to say something. They responded with an abundance of grace and love for the Lord, and I wondered why I’d ever thought of letting it go.

Upon retrospect, I remembered what I heard in a mini-session by Tom Nesbitt. A characteristic of a godly man or woman is that when you pray, stuff happens. That girl I met this morning was so connected to God that her prayer was answered in under 30 minutes. Wow. SO glad I went this morning!

I’ve also decided to make a more conscious effort to spend quality time with God. He is my Shepherd, He alone quiets and restores my soul, He guides me in upright paths for His Glory, and He is calling my name every day. I want to respond to that!

At the retreat, we also talked about Elisha asking for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, and Moses, even after seeing all the supernatural ways of God still wanting more, and I decided to do likewise.

I prayed for a double portion of Elisha’s spirit, or as much of God’s Spirit as He could fit into my small frame. I feel so free and amazing. I am once again passionately in love with my Creator. He is IT!


One thought on “Today…

  1. I would like to say that the shower method doesn’t always work. This past week it went to two days in between because I could not drag myself from bed. Yuck.

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