What on earth?

You know, I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me, but this “artsy” movement of pairing random vintage-y edited photos with cliched text in varied fonts is a bit annoying, but a little more concerning than anything. It’s photos like this:

Very large photo files, random images, and ambiguous messages. If they’re not ambiguous, they’re more like this:

Or what’s even worse is when the picture does make sense, but it makes me want to cry:

It’s this weird hybrid of modernism and post-modernism. Sometimes they seem to morn the loss of how things used to be, and other times they celebrate it like this:

Ok, now granted these are from one website, and the creator seems to be rather emo, but it still makes me wonder where we’re going as a society. We’re fascinated with the idealistic, yet accept whatever it is that we can get or makes us feel happy, and then wonder why we feel so crummy.

Apparently, this art phenomenon is called an “Instagram.” Luckily, not everyone out there is emo. Some people still have some common sense… and humor 🙂


and then there was

LOL Ok so maybe I’m having just a little too much enjoyment over the responses…

But it’s a great lesson in conveying messages through media… or how not to.

Future lesson plan? I think so!

Photo credits:

First few photos: http://everythingsright.com

Instagram responses: http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/13-best-instagram-quote-rebuttals


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