Punching the Air

Today I feel so frustrated.

I am nearly drowning in schoolwork and I keep praying for help and trying to make actions towards completing what I need to, but it doesn’t work. I’ve been stuck like this for weeks.

I pray for clarity in sorting out my own heart and flaws according to His Will and grace and I KNOW He hears me but I’m not getting much help and I don’t know how I’ll do this all. I’m at the point where I’m just going to stay up until it’s all done, no matter what that means. I’ve tried and tried.

I’m so frustrated and I keep asking God for help because I know that He is enough and that I am His daughter and I keep crying out to Him but it doesn’t end. I ask for more and more of Him because that’s what He says we can do. I WILL keep asking, I WILL continue to fight, and I WILL NOT blame God for my shortcomings. He picks me up when I’m at the bottom, but I don’t always want to get all the way back down there, especially if I am actually remembering on the way down.

So, Lord, PLEASE! Help me now. I can’t do it. I love You.

I’ll try and let you know how He comes through like the dawn.


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