Like tiny pieces of cheesecake- it’d be nice to have a full slice, but one can still appreciate the abbreviated version πŸ™‚

1) Not speaking or “venting” about your brothers and sisters in Christ (or anyone) is a means of extending God’s grace to them. If their heart is moved and they apologize, would you likewise be moved to correct what you said about them to others?

2) Self-control is one of the most attractive qualities in a man. I posted that as my fb status today and somehow ended up with 16 comments and 10 people “like”ing it. I think it’s attractive because it’s something I struggle with in some aspects of my life, and thinking about past relationships, it’s usually what unraveled them. Neither of us mastered it in some way or another, so things fell apart. I think it’s attractive because I know I need it. It’s the same thing as why I tend to let quieter/gentler people than I be my closest friends. I want more of those Christ-like characteristics!!!

Comments ranged from older women to guy friends and my mom liking random parts of the convo. It was also pretty sweet to watch my friend Stu speak truth to others on fb, as well as interesting for girls to defend it and guys to say that girls needed to hear it too. Did not expect so much hullaballoo over it πŸ™‚

3) Southern pacific apples are amazing and smell good. I bought some at Hy-Vee today because they were on special and I’ve already eaten one. I love fruit.

4) Running goal for the year is to run the Living History Farms race in the fall. Yay for a 10k!

5) Was reminded at IFC leader meeting today not to argue, especially with non-believers over spiritual matters. This was just in time for me to ruefully observe a believer arguing with non-believers over spiritual matters… on facebook 😦 It was worse knowing I’ve been there before, but I definitely have enough faith in God’s power to know that 1) Others’ salvation is not my work, but the Holy Spirit’s, 2) people who are embittered toward God are not going to change their mind and love Him because you won an argument, and 3) that science as a belief system is not conclusive. The answers are not all known. I should try and post a couple of pics from Adler Planetarium that I went to over Spring break that remind us of that.

Did I tell you all that I went to Chicago with internationals over Spring break? Probably not. Maybe? Not sure. But it was really cool, and I enjoyed it.

Time for some time with the lover of my soul, and then sleep πŸ™‚

Peace through Christ,



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