I heard some AMAZING sermons during work today!!!! Mark Driscoll on Men + Women and marriage (2 sermons) was amazing. I listened to Men and Marriage first, and spent the last 6 minutes or so sharing it with a co-worker/c-stone girl and we were both standing their with dropped jaws in between cheering “YES!”

It truly was just that good. Of course, then I had to listen to the women’s sermon which chronologically came first, but it doesn’t matter which is which because it is SOUND BIBLICAL TRUTH that addresses many modern reactions to Christianity + relationships.

So GUYS, GIRLS, other curious parties, get ready for some amazingness because I’m posting both audios here. I’d definitely recommend listening to both because it helps you understand the full picture of what God has created relationships to be. If you prefer video, go to and you can find it there.




2 thoughts on “TRUTH!!!

  1. I know! And guess who I heard about these from? The chris topher 🙂 He happens to listen to Mark Driscoll like it’s his job. Actually, while he’s at his job lol

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