Update on Abiding in Him

It’s going a lot better. I’ve felt strangely well-rested and composed this weekend. Last week on Wednesday evening while driving back to my apartment, I spent some time in hardcore prayer. What do I mean by hardcore prayer? It means I rebuked satan and spoke with God. I prayed against the negative presence I felt on my life and straight up told it to go because it had no domain over me as God’s daughter.

I know you might think I’m nuts (and anyone who would have heard me probably would have thought so too), but it worked. God came through, and I’ve been super productive this weekend. What a blessing! I was at my breaking point, and my strength has been renewed! I had to share 🙂

Also, the super sunny weather this morning really brightened my spirit.

Please take some time to have joy and be thankful that God is who He says He is and He loves you. He is SO GOOD to us!



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