Needs, Wants, Both?

List day!

In the next couple of months, I need to purchase:
1) Windshield wiper blades. At the moment, it gets worse when I use them and the rain has apparently returned to us.
2) A new car battery… before the current one dies. it’s not looking so great.
3) My summer classes. All three of them. YUCK!
4)Housing of some sort for Summer. It’s up for debate where, but I’ll be here for work and summer classes.
5) A wedding gift or two for friends 🙂

I want to purchase:
1) A summer pass to the aquatic center here in town… I get off work in the cornfields every day at 3:30 and would ADORE going swimming every day!!! We’ll see what kind of deal I can get and if a couple girls I’ll be working with want to go.
2)More toms 🙂
3) MORE BOOKS! always…

Both want and need?
1) Flip-flops
2) new tennis shoes (somehow my feet have freakishly grown maybe a half size in the past year? Not sure what’s going on or if my tennis shoes shrunk, but they’re pinching my toes!)
3) Oh, probably more teacher stuff like office supplies, file folders, labels, something to organize them in for student teaching.


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