Shots of my Thoughts…

because that is the only kind I will be taking this VEISHEA week.

1. I have a multicultural foundations of education class in which I am constantly exposed to anti-Christian sentiments, pansexual awareness, and religious pluralism in the classroom. Thank GOD for my friend Amy S. who is there and wrestles with these tough issues with me. How do I maintain the integrity of my faith and properly express that in a way that shows God’s love for humanity and is still honoring to Him?

2. It’s VEISHEA week. It’s supposed to snow on Saturday like my freshman year when I remember taking photos of friends and FREEZING at battle of the bands. I’m nostalgic, but also way too homework-taxed to really enjoy this.

3. I’ve started writing down my dreams in an attempt to understand them better. Lately, they haven’t been nightmares like I used to have all the time. They’re still reasonably dangerous, but my dream self isn’t terrified anymore. I’d like to think that says something about me, but I don’t know if it does.

4. I have a lot of homework but I feel like my mind is focused as long as I start breaking down the massive block of fear about it and don’t dwell on these feelings. As such, I haven’t been going in to work this week, and I don’t feel bad about that decision. School > work.

5. Romans 12:1-2 or Romans 5? I should show you the design I have drawn up. I still want that tattoo on my ankle. Apparently, I also explain why better when I’m half asleep. If it happens, it will be extremely pre-meditated.

6. Lord God, You are faithful. Reign in me and work powerfully through me for Your glory and credit, that I may love you more as Your daughter. Hide my will in Yours, open my eyes from blindness, and lead me Home in Your time. I love you more than I understand, because Your love is beyond what I can learn in a lifetime.


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