Dear Blog

I’m afraid I haven’t been honest with you. Lately it seems as though we have been growing apart. I have begun to consider what blogging for me will mean when I become a professional, and even if it will be feasible to continue.

I have been studying, working, and spending time with people I love. Life is gorgeously simple in Summer, even with a little bit of a schedule. You used to be the companion I talked to about everything, and then stalked people on facebook for awhile. I now have several other people I talk to every day, and it seems like the things I want to talk about are not mine to share, or are not appropriate for a public audience, however small it may be.

I want to be honest. I want to love God and people and learning new things each day. However, I am also learning discretion, and have been blessed with some close friends. I think I’m growing up. I think I no longer need to digitally convey my thoughts to the world because finally FINALLY I have friends who listen and I don’t feel so alone anymore.

Although I still see all these friend groups with the filter of an independent party, I’ve realized that the connections, the filaments I’ve extended into the universe have finally caught on something, and it’s holding. I’m suspended by grace’s cord each day, and from this vantage point, life is limitless.

I promise I’ll try to polish up some of those drafts you’re just dying to share, and I’ll keep you posted on the really amazing things God has been illustrating in my life, but I won’t be so insistent on making you listen to all the noise that disguises what matters.  Thanks for being a constant listener/therapist since I was probably 12 or 13 (even though I didn’t get you specifically until college).




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