Draft Amnesty #3: One Day at a Time (June 20th)

I failed to mention sooner that this summer is also me taking it down a notch. I have not gone to summer salt yet, I’m not in a connection group, and I am not helping out with family group. I am also not tutoring a student in writing, or doing any online tutoring. I’m not working a bajillion glorious hours at camp, and I have even recently been banned from doing outdoor work on the weekends.

And I am so glad. Here’s what I am doing: working 7-1, going to class 1:20-3:30 (until the first week of July), a couple of online courses over the whole summer, meeting with a girl from my cg and family group once a week, having fellowship with wise roommates and co-workers, and enjoying weekend services and catching up with people afterward.

Of the latter, I had the joy of meeting Drew Stevenson’s parents yesterday after church. Mrs. Stevenson randomly introduced herself to me as I was just passing through the foyer, and she was so kind and interested in meeting me. It turns out she has a daughter who is an English teacher and sees her classroom as her calling. What was cool about this, and other occurrences in the past week is that God has continually been affirming what I’m doing career-wise.


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