A Bizarre Fascination

Every time I see a facebook status or blog or sometimes even those window decorations commemorating someone who has died, I google search the name, adding where I think the location would be, and “death” or “obituary.” I recognize this may not be normal, but for some reason I am always curious.

Who was this person? How did they die? How old were they? How are people responding? I think we all wonder a little bit at the mystery of the unknown of death, as symbolic as the veiled portal in Harry Potter, or as concrete as the crosses and markers one sees roadside in town and on highways. I want to know in order to understand something I know we will all one day face. I want to know in order to understand how people deal with grief and loss. What would I say to a family that has lost someone?

The long and short of it is, I don’t know. The most I have to offer is a hug and my prayers, and a motherly eye keeping track of meals and helpful daily routines. Each situation is different.

Christ happens to be the only one I know who experienced death and returned to tell the tale. I just always wish I could do something more, but I suppose that gap of my understanding and discernment leaves space for grace.


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